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Camshaft Miller

Piston Ring Turning Machine

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Liquid Crystal Manufacturing Equipment

“Technology and Reliability” is the keyword of all our divisions. We provide high-tech and reliable product and service to the customers who are developing shop-floor production of engines, semiconductor wafer and liquid crystal panel with leading-edge technology in the world.

As for machining tools, we have been manufactured processing machine of crankshaft, which is the major component of an engine.

Especially, the unique structure of our crankshaft miller achieves high reliability, high efficiency and high accuracy, which is valued as the most economical by auto manufacturer from around the world.

We can meet wide-ranging engine needs from small miller for small engine to super size miller for vessel engine.

We extended previous / following machine of such as Turning, Broaching machine, Milling and Centering machine etc.

Auto carrier device and measuring device, and also the supply of a system or a Turnkey is increased.

For electronics industry, we supply Mono-crystal Silicon Grower for manufacturing silicon mono-crystal wafer, Wafer Surface Grinding Machine which can make nano-level flatness and Glass Substrate Transport Equipment for manufacturing liquid crystal display.

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